Collecting The Dead Archaeology And The Reburial Issue -

richard iii society what s new - it is even more disheartening that news of this application was only made public on the 22 august the very anniversary of the battle just a week before it is due to be considered by the council s planning committee on the 28 august, native american graves protection and repatriation act - the native american graves protection and repatriation act nagpra pub l 101 601 25 u s c 3001 et seq 104 stat 3048 is a united states federal law enacted on 16 november 1990 the act requires federal agencies and institutions that receive federal funding to return native american cultural items to lineal descendants and culturally affiliated indian tribes and native hawaiian, digging for wwii relics forgotten weapons - i expect this is a subject more familiar to our european readers than folks here in the us the idea is tromping out to the sites of wwii skirmishes or battles with a shovel and a metal detector and digging up artifacts like helmets canteens firearms ammo and casings and other detritus of warfare, review of america unearthed s01e04 giants in minnesota - i noted in my review that it was a german military sword of the 1800s it is a sword and is real in that sense but the owners claim it is a viking sword of medieval date and in that sense it is a fake even if its manufacturer did not mean it to be one, lincoln at gettysburg the words that remade america - chapter 1 oratory of the greek revival james hurt says that lincoln used the ordinary coin of funeral oratory at gettysburg insofar as there was a standard coinage of funeral tribute pericles struck the master coin 2 394 years before lincoln spoke, river wey navigations more about guildford surrey - guildford is ranked august 2009 as the second most expensive city for students to live in the uk coming in at an average weekly rent of 87 86 guildford way exceeds the national average of 62 61 london took the top spot with rents reaching 104 13 with cambridge in third place at 86 95