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saul alinsky s 13 tried and true rules for creating - saul david alinsky died 36 years before the election of barack obama and hilary clinton s first attempt for the presidency but many feverish screeds on social media talk radio and youtube might have made one think he lurked behind these politicians like rasputin spoken of by many on the, welcome to satan s jew world order incog man - or how about all the insane evils of jewish bolshevism tens of millions of christian whites were purposefully starved across entire regions or executed in the dark of the night with a bullet in the back of the head by the mostly jewish nkvd and cheka secret police, we are facing overthrow of united states steve quayle - by greg hunter s usawatchdog com early sunday release steve quayle filmmaker author and 25 year radio personality says america is under attack from the left quayle contends you have to understand we are not just facing turmoil we are facing the dedicated and very well positioned and financed overthrow of the united states government by former federal officers and by those in the, about questia questia your online research library - a note for former highbeam users after many years of successfully serving the needs of our customers highbeam research has been retired because highbeam research has closed down we have taken you to our sister website questia an award winning cengage learning product, opinion latest the daily telegraph - the best opinions comments and analysis from the telegraph, 1965 civil rights movement veterans - throughout the fall of 1964 and into early 1965 sncc and cofo organizers and volunteers continue to work with dedicated local activists to provide a freedom movement presence in issaquena county, trump in florida insists me nations will pay for safe - at president donald trump s campaign style rally saturday he brought up his plan to create safe zones in syria in lieu of admitting more refugees he also said the gulf states would pay for the safe zones since the us is in 20 trillion of debt at the melbourne rally these types of, who s who and who s jew fathers manifesto - celebrities commonly mistaken as being jewish who are not jewish dan ackroyd french british descent from canada alan alda italian american star of mash born alfonso joseph d abruzzo, robert spencer uk vows to defend tolerance in other - jihadi attack in london uk vows to defend tolerance in other words as the body count piles up it will be business as usual there is a good deal of confusion surrounding the attack on the westminster bridge and at the parliament building in london on wednesday, eric barger on perilous times the fake jesus the christ - the apostle paul prophesied that in the end times during the season of the lord s return we would be confronted with perilous times when people would love themselves love money and love pleasure, 100 of us warming is due to noaa data tampering the - climate central just ran this piece which the washington post picked up on they claimed the us was overwhelmingly hot in 2016 and temperatures have risen 1 5 f since the 19th century the first problem with their analysis is that the us had very little hot weather in 2016 the percentage, an open letter to the alt right and others by ron unz - given the current federal government shut down over funding of a border wall and the continuing increase in internet censorship and deplatforming i ve decided i might as well publish a lengthy note i d privately circulated last year to a considerable number of individuals many of whom were then prominently associated with the alt right movement, the sequoia seminars a history www mygen com home page - mygen web site outlaw geneology outlaw lost chords mp3 dbruce vip best com demonstrates the latest in deployment of linux as a server examples of ssl stronghold java vrml realaudio and more come here for old and new linux tools